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Vincenzo Bilof

Editor in Chief 

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Sean Leonard

Editor at Large

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Book Reviews

Sean Leonard lives in Madisonville, Kentucky with his family and his dogs. He’s a writer, a horror movie reviewer, and a drummer, and he’s been working with Bizarro Pulp Press since 2013. Sean is also a freelance proofreader/editor, with a number of BPP and JournalStone releases included on his list of projects. He can sometimes be found at www.seanofthedead.net.


Lori Michelle

Formatting Consultant 

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Freelance Work

Lori Michelle is the co-owner of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and the managing editor of Dark Moon Digest. She is the author of Dual Harvest and the editor of the critically acclaimed anthology Bleed, whose profits go to the National Children’s Cancer Society. Recently, she has joined the ranks of the Slush Pile Heroes and can be found hanging out over there.