Bizzaro Pulp Press, an imprint of Journalstone Publishing, will be open for submissions for a reading period spanning September 1st to December 1st.

What we want

Bizarro Pulp Press is looking for literature that will push the boundaries of storytelling. We have read traditional narratives. It is time for something new.

We want to be able to cry, to think, and to admire. We want to be frightened and we want to be in love. Nothing is taboo, so as long the content works within the framework of a piece of art.

To get an idea of the work that we want to publish, we recommend (but do not require) that an author shopping a manuscript consider our catalog: Beyond the Great, Bloody, Bruised, and Silent Veil of This World by Jordan Krall; Terence, Mephisto, and Viscera Eyes by Chris Kelso; All Art is Junk by R.A. Harris; The Elusive Plato by Rhys Hughes, The Boy Who Loved Death by Hal Duncan, or Static/Orgone by Jamie Grefe. Though we publish a variety of narrative styles, including poetry, pulp/grindhouse fiction, and work that might be considered “traditional bizarro,” the art we want to acquire through this process might be labeled transgressive, surreal, or experimental.

Your book may take place on another planet, or in nightmares. Setting associated with genre tropes does not interest us. The manuscripts we accept will blur the lines between genre.

Word Count

Word Count is a challenge to consider, because art should not be limited by the amount of words on a page. Some of the books we’ve published have a few lines on a page. Ideally, we are looking for novella-length (between 25 and 50K words). If your work’s structure is not a traditional narrative, let us consider the piece as is. A chapter might have a sentence. A page might have nothing but symbols instead of words.

Submission Format

We require a complete manuscript. The font should be 12pt., double-spaced. The manuscript should be attached to the email as a .doc or .rtf file.

In the body of your email, provide the text that a prospective reader would see on the back cover, or on a retailer’s website. This “synopsis” should be brief, and should make us want to read the book.

An author bio is not required, though if one is provided, please keep it brief.

Simultaneous submissions are appropriate.

When will we publish?

Summer/Fall 2018.

Who is going to be considering these manuscripts for publication?

We have an editorial staff on hand, which includes Sean Leonard and Vincenzo Bilof. All questions pertaining to the submission process must be directed to: [email protected]

How to submit

Submit to:

[email protected]

You will receive a form letter to confirm receipt of your manuscript. Please allow a week for confirmation receipt. It is highly unlikely that feedback or a rationale for non-acceptance will be provided. We will announce the accepted manuscripts in January, 2018.

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