Carter Rydyr are Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr, also known as SCAR. They have been a creative team for over two decades, during which time they have explored the weird and the surreal through their writing, art, comics, and experimental music.

As well as independently publishing their own work, SCAR’s creations have also been produced by numerous publishers, both in their homeland (Australia) and abroad. While most of their creations display an eclectic and fantastical bent, there have been occasions when SCAR’s output has raised the ire of prohibitionists and censors.

“Once an idea grabs hold of you it can often become irresistible, you can’t help but run with it – fully explore it, no matter where it goes. This is the very nature of artistic creativity; imagination knows no boundaries! Ideally, creators and their work should never be held to ransom by political or religious ideology, or any form of censorship.”

 Love it or hate it, SCAR’s creative work challenges taboos and stretches the boundaries of the forbidden! “Pain Pig’s Pilgrimage”, soon to be published in Surreal Worlds: an Anthology, is one example that will surely polarise opinion. Experience more at www.weirdwildart.com

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