More Bizarro Than Bizarro – Q&A

Name: DJ Tyrer

Story Title: The Bypass

Firstly, what drew you to this anthology?

Who wouldn’t be drawn to something calling itself More Bizarro Than Bizarro? The title alone demands you take a look!

What does Bizarro fiction mean to you?

I see it as part of the same broad movement that brought us things like surrealism and absurdism and it’s impossible (and probably self-defeating) to try and define what difference there is, if any, between the different strands.

What was the first Bizarro book you read? And which Bizarro book has had the biggest influence on you?

The first (and, indeed, only) Bizarro book I’ve read (as opposed to discovering stories online) that was identified as such was The Bizarro Starter Kit (blue). But, I’ve read a lot of Bizarro-like fiction by UK small-press writers who probably wouldn’t regard themselves as writing Bizarro, but are writing it anyway.

How would you pitch your story to potential readers?

Trees! Druidism! Robyn Hood! Officialdom! Bulldozers!

How close was the finished story to your initial vision?

Surprisingly close, especially given that I wrote the initial draft many years ago. As I didn’t do anything with it at the time, I ended up filing it away, thinking it was probably too dated, but when I took it out and typed it up, there was surprisingly little that needed tweaking. I guess the banal stupidity of officialdom doesn’t change.

Do you have any additional publishing plans for 2017?

Numerous magazine and anthology appearances. I’ve got a few projects in the pipeline, but it’s looking like they won’t take form until 2018 unless I managed to discover a few days in the week I’m not currently aware of.

Finally, if you had the opportunity to put together an anthology, what would be your chosen theme? 

Well, I did in fact co-edit an anthology that came out in December 2016, so this is a good opportunity to plug that! A Terrible Thing is a collection of tales inspired by The King In Yellow and is available to order on Amazon. As the Yellow Mythos is a bit of an obsession of mine, you’re unlikely to lose a bet on there being another on the same theme one day.

DJ Tyrer’s website is at

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