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More Bizarro Than Bizarro – Q&A

Name: Carter Rydyr (Antoinette Rydyr and Steve Carter)

Story Title: Malari’s Arc

Firstly, what drew you to this anthology?

We saw the open call on Facebook which showed that great looking cover for the collection.and thought we’d give it a go.

What does Bizarro fiction mean to you?

No restrictions, freedom of expression, the opportunity to explore the weird and the wonderful, the bizarre and the absurd.

What was the first Bizarro book you read?

“Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland” by Carlton Mellick III

And which Bizarro book has had the biggest influence on you?

Warrior Wolf Women demonstrated that you can present totally bizarre imagery within a coherent storyline.

How would you pitch your story to potential readers?

A biblical story of microscopic proportions.

How close was the finished story to your initial vision?

Pretty close.

Do you have any additional publishing plans for 2017?

We have recently published graphic novels including:

“Savage Bitch”, “Phantastique – Tales of Taboo Terror”,

“Weird Worlds – Subversive Science Fiction Stories”,


“Bestiary of Monstruum”, and

“Weird Sex Fantasy – Tales of Sex and Death for the Totally Jaded”

And there are many more planned including: “New World Disorder”, “Alien Eden” and “Femonsters”.

Finally, if you had the opportunity to put together an anthology, what would be your chosen theme?  

Mutations, strange evolutions and hyper-predatory alien fem-fatales on other worlds and from unknown dimensions.



Carter Rydyr are Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr (a.k.a S.C.A.R.). They create in a variety of mediums – prose fiction, illustration, comic books, screenplays and even music, which they produce with their experimental bands FistFunk Futurists and TeknoSadisT. All albums can be heard on Bandcamp.

Their specialty is the bizarre world of horror and science fantasy. They have produced comic strips such as “Savage Bitch”, “Lust Frontier” and “Hell’s Belles” for Australian Hustler, Australian Penthouse, The Picture and Sextra. Each strip carries S.C.A.R’s signature style: a surrealist and satirical bent, with an emphasis on the fantastic and the darkside. The complete “Savage Bitch” adventures have been compiled and published into one graphic novel.

Much darker and horrific material was publisheds by Eros/Fantagraphics in the 1990s including the psychosexual science fantasy “Femosaur World”, the horrific “Spore Whores” series and “Kill of the Spyderwoman”. Although it represents only one aspect of their work, S.C.A.R. have a reputation for the extreme. They are no strangers to the issues of censorship. All three issues of their horror comic book series “Spore Whores” were banned in Australia. And now, 20 years later they are being re-released by Bloody Gore Comix in Canada. Issues 1 and 2 of “Spore Whores” are already out and issue 3 will be published soon. And the long awaited “Femosaur World #2” was published in 2017 by Pikitia Press.

Prior to teaming up, Steve co-founded New Age Graphics and was instrumental in creating Australia’s first and most controversial horror comic, “Phantastique”. He later created and published “Charnel House”, a horror sci-fi anthology comic. 2017 saw the resurrection of the infamous “Phantastique”, ingloriously presented in graphic novel form and in full bloody colour!

S.C.A.R. recently published other graphic novels including, “Weird Worlds – Subversive Science Fiction Stories”, “Bestiary of Monstruum”, “Fantastique”, and “Weird Sex Fantasy – Tales of Sex and Death for the Totally Jaded” which is an anthology of hardcore science fiction horror stories originally published in Sleazy Slice (Canada) and includes an Introduction by Sleazy Slice’s publisher and editor, Robin Bougie. This volume contains eight delirious tales of dark sexual encounters.

Their original screenplay “Curse of the Swampies”, a horror sci-fi film, won “Best Feature Film Screenplay” at the A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2010.

More grotesque delights can be viewed on their website: www.weirdwildart.com  


Interview composed by Tom Leins


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