Edited by: Sean Leonard and Vincenzo Bilof

Cover art by Dyer Wilk

Release date: hopefully in August

Die High Private Eye  by Adam Millard

The Great God Problem by Chris Kelso

Mummyfixation by Rhys Hughes

Odacer in Rome by Thomas Olivieri

Homesick by Grant Wamack

The Best Story About a Talking Penis Ever by Pedro Proenca

Help Me Escape Christoph Paul’s Body by Mandy de Sandra and Christoph Paul

Stilton Dreams by Konstantine Paradias

Here Comes that Weird Chill by Tom Leins

Malari’s Arc by Carter Rydyr

My Feminine Side by Matthew Hall

Spiderapartment by Alexander Zele

Bone Addict by John Wayne Communale

Dream of a Dog by William Cook

The Bypass by Dj Tyrer

The Place of No Context by John Allen

The Most Beautiful Bag of Trash in the World by Daniel Vlasaty

The Owlheads Stalk at Midnight by David Barbee

Small Intestines by Nick Cato

Rise of the Corpse Eaters by Aric Sundquist

Elephants by Nicholas Day

Beer Heads by MP Johnson

Saint Jackie by Leza Cantoral

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