To celebrate National Poetry Month, Bizzaro Pulp Press will be publishing samples from Peter Adam Salomon’s newest collection– PseudPsalms: Sodom. Peter’s work has been nominated for the Stoker Award and the Elgin Award. PseudoPsalms: Sodom, is coming this month!

Teach the Agony

The fist tightens upon the world
Landing within the factories
Where children work to death
To make toys for children
They’ll never be able to afford to play with
One more agony defined
Lost amidst the multiplicity of agonies

Child soldiers
Child brides
Child slaves
And child laborers
There’s a pattern
If you look
Are you looking?
Do you see?
Or do you turn aside
To focus on petty microagressions
Because a pronoun is a pronoun is a pronoun
Is vital and important and worthy of your protest
But a seven-year-old girl
Stoned to death
On the other side of the world
For the crime of being raped
You can ignore
From the safety of your ivory tower

Searching to try
Trying to understand
Through religion’s eyes
Where God has failed
To protect the child within us all
I searched for divinity
And found hypocrisy
As you ranted and raged
The insignificance of your elitist battle cry
Should shame you
When so many need your help
And you refuse to see

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